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«Chudova» offers the following kissels:

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issel is a sweet dessert drink made from fresh or dried fruit and berries, fruit and berry juices, syrups, jams, milk, and potato or corn starch. Kissels are full of carbohydrates necessary for human body.

The name kissel originated from an old Russian peasant dish made from oats. As for sweet fruit and berry kissels, they appeared later, when potatoes and potato starch were introduced to Russia, but the name remained.

Kissel produces a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It covers the stomach lining with a protective coat and prevents absorption of harmful toxins into the body. Since the essential component of kissel is starch, the beverage is recommended to the people who suffer from hyperacid gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcers.

The easiest way to cook kissel is to use a concentrate of a dry kissel produced by food industry. «Chudova» ™ offers you eight kinds of kissels, made from natural condensed juices with excellent taste, and aroma.

The concentrates are produced in conformity with current state standards and regulations fro pre-packaged food industry.

Kissels are served cold. Thin-to-medium kissel can be served hot. Thick kissel is better to pour into forms and cool thoroughly. Wet the inner surface of the forms with cold water before putting kissel there, the chilled kissel will come out easily. Kissel can be served with sugar, cold milk or cream.

In a winter time get warm with kissel!

With «Chudova» ™ kissels you can savor fresh berries and enjoy the feeling of a warm summer day even during the most severe winter frosts.

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