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Чудова ™
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Смачно! Якісно! Поживно!


ТМ «Chudova» offers the following seasonings:

Вкусовая приправа куриная

Chicken seasoning

Will impart the delicious flavour and aroma of fried chicken to your food.

Вкусовая приправа грибная

Mushroom seasoning

For those not eating meat, observing a fast or on a diet, we recommend cooking food with «Chudova» mushroom seasoning. The seasoning is especially good for vegetable salads. It will also give a more pronounced flavor and aroma to dishes with mushrooms.

Вкусовая приправа c беконом

Seasoning with bacon

When cooking soup, borshch, meat or salads, add «Chudova» ™ seasoning with bacon and your food will have a fuller and richer flavour with wonderful smoky aroma.

NET WEIGHT of one packet is 100g.
The weight of 1 box is 5kg. There are 50 packets in one box.

Seasoning is something that we add to food to make it savory. As a rule, it is fresh or dried parts of spices and aromatic herbs that contain pungent and volatile aromatic substances.

Salt, aromatizers and additives (sodium glutamate etc), sauses and condiments (ketchup, mustard, horseradish) can also be classified as seasonings.

From ancient times people have always highly valued the mastery of turning bland food into gourmet dishes. Seasonings, condiments and spices that helped to produce such a wonderful effect were considered more pharmacological than culinary substances. Large sums of money were paid for spices and condiments, and they were stored with utmost care. In the East, the skill to mix different spices into the right blend is still regarded as a great art. Such recipes are passed as family secretes from generation to generation.

Prior to organizing food concentrates, «Chudova» ™ specialists carefully studied different ways to prepare seasonings all over the world, and learned expert opinions of chefs and food critics about them. As a result of this research, only tested recipes were selected to produce «Chudova™ seasonings.

«Chudova » ™ seasonings improve the taste of food, enhance its flavour and aroma, and make it delicious. By stimulating taste receptors, seasonings produce a positive effect on the digestive system, increase appetite, improve metabolism and tend to make us fell happier. They let us get a fresh look at familiar dishes and cook them with a variation of flavours. 

We advise you to cook

Side dish from fried noodles

Гарнір з смаженої вермішелі
Heat up 100g of sunflower oil in a pan. Put 400g of noodles into the pan. Stirring continuously, fry for 5-7 min until they turn light brown. Add hot water to cover the noodles by 1cm, mix, put a lid on the pan and simmer the noodles for 10-15 min. Stir occasionally. Mix 2-3 teaspoons of «Chudova»™ seasoning with a little water and add to the noodles, stir and cover the pan with the lid. Cook on low heat until ready (3-4 min). To serve, pour some ketchup with paprika over the noodles and add chopped greens.

The noodles are also good as a side dish for hot meat entrees.
Ingredients: 400g noodles, 100g sunflower oil, ketchup with paprika, greens, «Chudova» ™ seasoning of your choice.

Fried new potatoes
Thoroughly wash and dry potatoes. Cut sausages into 3cm slices. Peel onions and cut each into eight parts. Wash bell peppers, de-seed and cut them into small pieces. In a small thick-walled pan, heat up melted butter and fry new potatoes for 5 min. Add cut peppers, sausages and onions. Add «Chudova» ™ seasoning and stirring fry for 15 min.  

For four servings you will need: 500g small new potatoes, four sausages, four onions, one red and one yellow pepper, three table spoons melted butter and «Chudova » ™ seasoning of your choice.

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