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About our company

"astyfood" is one of Ukraine`s leaders in the production of ready-prepared and pre-packaged food such as soups, seasonings, kissels, jellies and other food concentrates. On the Ukrainian food market the company is represented by the trademark «Chudova» ™.

We established the following principles for our company: 

  • Strict compliance with quality standards for supplied food;
  • Aiming at Ukrainian consumers` taste;
  • Original recipes based on the traditions of Ukrainian cuisine;
  • Perfecting the technology of production and making a wider variety of products;
  • Strict control at every stage in the production of food concentrates;
  • Conformity of produced food to the State Standards confirmed by the certification of conformity.

The company was founded in 2001.

As more and more people are experiencing the deficit of time, the consumption of instant and ready-to-heat products has substantially grown. It has become the main purpose of company «astyfood» to saturate the Ukrainian food market with high-quality products.

In a short period of time, the team of our young energetic professionals employees has managed to put their ideas into practice and organize the manufacturing of products under brand «Chudova» ™.

A considerable difference between the products of «astyfood» and other companies - producers of food concentrates - is that we are oriented towards Ukranian consumers` tastes, our foods and beverages have superior quality and are based on natural ingredients.

Despite a fierce competition on the food market, the company is gradually increasing the sales of its products and building a wide distribution network.
Nowadays «Chudova» ™ food concentrates are available in every region of Ukraine. The introduction of innovative technologies and steady growing outputs are the evidence of a dynamic development of our company.

The products of company «astyfood» were represented on various national and regional food fairs where their great taste was deservedly praised.

«You always choose only the best and tastiest, the most useful and nourishing products for your family. We are proud of the fact that you have chosen trademark «Chudova» among a great variety of producers of pre-packaged products. We are confident that the members of your families will appreciate your efforts and their good spirits will be a good reward for you.»

With best regards, the head of «astyfood»

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About company Products Price-lists echnology For partners Contact us
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