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chnological process of production

Information about different foods, drinks and diets, and about culinary art itself is a very important element of the culture of eating. Throughout history, the mastery of preparing various dishes, as well as beverages has been considered a form of art and required great culinary skills, experience and knowledge. "astyfood" has managed to unite the best traditions of the past with the most advanced technology of the future.

"astyfood" production is based upon classical, modern and traditional recipes of Ukrainian national cuisine, which are the most suited for the Ukrainian consumer`s taste.

All ingredients which are used in the production of «Chudova»™ soups, seasonings and other products are natural. "astyfood" technologists avoid using components such as concentrates and other food additives that can be harmful for our consumers` health, which is confirmed by the certification of conformity and the conclusions of the State Standard Authority.

In the production of our foods and beverages we use up-to-date equipment. This allows us to optimize the processing of food ingredients to the highest degree and attain the best quality of our end product. 

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About company Products Price-lists echnology For partners Contact us
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