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The products produced by «astyfood» are known for their high nutritious values and adapted to suit Ukrainian consumers` demands. They are made from top quality ingredients and do not contain harmful for human body food additives.

Consumer values of food concentrates are characterized, first of all, by high solids content, low humidity and high energy value.

Carbohydrates present in concentrates have a large degree of digestibility due to high temperatures and mechanical processing that food is undergone. This causes the break of cells, hydrolysis of proteins and carbohydrates, gelatinization of starch etc.

The quality of our products is confirmed by the certification of conformity, by the conclusions of the State Sanitary-and-epidemiologic Inspection and certified by the State Standardizing Authority.

If you belong to the category of people who value their time and in addition enjoy good food, «Chudova» ™ products are what you need. Our large assortment of goods will satisfy even the most demanding consumer with the most sophisticated taste, given variety to their diet and keeping a cooking time to a minimum. Thanks to «Chudova» ™ products you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal without having to spend a lot of time on cooking.

Do not waste your time at the cooker, try «Chudova» ™ foods and experience a boost of energy it will give you!

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